On Tony Robbins. The Big Fat Sexist

I keep hearing this guy is sexists – blah

Mommy on the Floor

Listen lovelies,

You may have noticed that I have more or less abandoned this blog. In fact, I had a hard time remembering my password. But the apologists for the shyster known as Tony Robbins have caused me to log back in again.

I know you think I don’t get it. But I was there. Were you? I know what I saw. This is what happened:

1. There was a woman who complained of feeling useless because she no longer a part of her profession. It was a profession that she loved.

2. At no point did she complain of having difficulties in her relationship with her husband or her children. She missed her job.

3. Mr. Robbins asked her if she was more masculine or more feminine. She responded: Masculine

4. Mr. Robbins forced her to change her answer. He made her answer feminine.

5. He then went on…

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Church Drama

Mommy on the Floor

When I first joined a church, I got roped into the hospitality committee. That’s just fine because I like coffee hour best. But when it came my time to set up for coffee, I found out that I had stumbled upon a quiet battle. As I was setting up the cupcakes and tea, several people whispered to me that I had to watch out for V. She liked things just so. And even though it might make more sense to keep the cream on the same table as the coffee, V did not like that. She thought having the cream so close to the coffee would clog up the line. So the cream was kept on a2035959451_634a63f0da separate table.

Truth was, there was a special place in my heart for V. She was one of those older women who you know you just do not trifle with. Plus, she has…

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Some Words from John Muir, the Most Annoying Nature Lover in the World

Snotting black

I thought I loved nature until I (partially) read My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir. There’s a reason this guy started one of the foremost nature clubs in the world. He’s wild for nature. So wild, his passion occasionally branches into the ridiculous.

In the book, he’s routinely describing pine cones or a certain tree for an entire page, bursting with exclamations on nature’s beauty, talking in dismissive tones about his shepherd companion, or wishing he could stay awake all night to watch the stars. Don’t take my word for it, though.  Here are some passages that I feel best demonstrate the heart of his book.

All quotes are exact and taken from My First Summer in the Sierra, which John Muir wrote while traveling in the Sierra Mountains one summer in the early 20th century.

His (low and slightly threatening) opinion of other mountain…

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I am the Breakfast Whisperer

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Breakfast at mozSometimes I’m a marketing associate working an office job, printing out personal things at work because the paper quality is higher and vaguely feeling like I’d rather be outside building something with bricks.

Other times I’m a friend, mooching off my companions at restaurants, sampling their food, and arriving late with extra people in tow.

Once in a while I’m a lover, wooing my beau with orange-accented tennis shoes and a no-frills attitude towards personal dressing and home furnishings.

But sometimes, when the weather is right, and the sun is shining just so and the city is not quite awake, before 9:30 am on weekends and as early as 6:00 am during the week, I am the breakfast whisperer.

I love breakfast. Just to prove, I’ve blogged about it here, and here, and probably somewhere else too.

Like many passions, I can’t really explain why I love breakfasting. I only…

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Where the Muni Busses Sleep at Night

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Muni busses at nightMuni buses are the red blood cells of San Francisco, which makes the people the oxygen. The Mission is probably the city’s belly, and Oakland is its liver.

To most people, the buses are ordinary vehicles of public transit, purely utilitarian pieces of equipment with no other purpose besides shifting around the city’s biomass.

But I like to believe the Muni buses have a life of their own, that they think their own thoughts and maybe have crushes on the other bus lines (the 38L is pretty cute), that they have worries and fears and hopes and dreams and that maybe when they grow up, they want to be something like astronauts or ballerinas or social workers and preschool teachers.

They spend all day giving up their bodies to the abuse of a city with many hills, wierdos, fruits, and lots and lots of kale. They ferry the humans and their…

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The N Word

Good read. Got me all ,ad thinking it was Nigga but it is not. Glad I read it.

The N Word: Introduction; Part One

I was a Performing Arts student in London. It was a pivotal time in my life as I had fled the control of my mother and was about to embark upon a career in the entertainment industry. I believed only I could control my destiny; making myself a life that involved me doing what I wanted, when I wanted and with whomever I wanted. I was determined to make something of myself, but I had baggage, and I didn’t understand that I needed to unpack before I could even begin. So, my new beginning wasn’t really a new beginning at all, it was a continuation of what I had left at home with my mother. I just didn’t know it at the time.

When I met my husband he came at what seemed the right time. I had never had a serious relationship and…

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